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Keep up to date with President Apartments accommodation, specials and local events through the President Apartments blog.

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A Budget Friendly Accommodation for You

President Apartments 035 Fotor
Posted in Accommodation at 06 November, 2015

Retail therapy is proven effective. There's just something about spending your hard earned cash on stuff you want but don't necessarily need. It a real mood changer that's why whenever people feel sad or stressed, they take refuge in this therapy to be ha...

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See Christmas the Aussie Style

Posted in Local Events at 27 October, 2015

A Christmas song goes, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas." But if you've been experiencing this special holiday season with the snow, thick boots, several layers of clothing, and shivering nights all the time, then maybe it's time to change the song lyri...

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Have a Worry-Free Holiday with our Security Undercover Parking

President Apartments 072
Posted in Accommodation at 11 October, 2015

Having a car is a great convenience especially when you're going on a holiday. Just imagine all the luggage you can bring and you don't have to worry where you have put them.......

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Affordable Penthouse for Your Family

President Apartments 041
Posted in Accommodation at 25 September, 2015

Family life isn't easy. Especially if you're a parent, there's always this pressure of wanting all the best for your kids but most of the time, it's hard to make ends meet. And even if they say it's not in the amount of money you shell out, but the love y...

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Know when Surfers Paradise Market Night is On

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets 1
Posted in Local Attractions at 09 September, 2015

Some of the best things in life are not permanent. Some you'll find today, but not tomorrow. Take the Surfers Paradise Market Night for instance. Witness how Surfers Paradise Beachfront becomes a shopping centre by the beach once the clock hits 4 in the a...

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Visit Dracula's Place this Halloween

Draculas Haunted House
Posted in Local Events at 26 August, 2015

Now that Halloween is fast approaching, maybe you should start doing away with those same old endless Halloween parties and opt instead for something new. So why not try Dracula's Haunted House off Surfers Paradise? Though this attraction is open 365 days...

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More than Just Surfing in Surfers Paradise

King Tutts Putt Putt
Posted in Local Attractions at 09 August, 2015

Surfers Paradise Just hearing this suburb's name for the first time and you'll already have an idea that it is a haven for surfing lovers. True enough, it has some of the most stunning and wide beaches perfect for surfing and even swimming. But Surfers Pa...

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To Infinity in Surfers Paradise

Posted in Local Attractions at 29 July, 2015

Infinity is a nowhere land, it doesn't have an end, it is unimaginable and immeasurable. But there is a kind of Infinity that's within your grasp. And it's in Surfers Paradise. As a funhouse of the future, Infinity attraction boasts of being the first of...

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Take your Friends to an Exciting Gold Coast Holiday

President Apartments 016
Posted in Accommodation at 11 July, 2015

Are you planning on spending your holiday on the Gold Coast? If so, why not take your friends with you. Holidays are more fun when you spend them with your friends. Spend an exciting day on the sun-kissed shores of the Gold Coast. Dine at the famous resta...

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Superb Facilities at President Holiday Apartments

President Apartments 062
Posted in Accommodation at 24 June, 2015

President Holiday Apartments seeks to make your holiday on the Gold Coast more enjoyable. That is why we provide our holiday guests superb facilities. Wake up with a splash and relax in our pool. Nothing beats starting your day with a refreshing morning s...

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10 50 100 Total of 172 Results