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Keep up to date with President Apartments accommodation, specials and local events through the President Apartments blog.

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Beachfront romance on the Gold Coast

President Apartments 029
Posted in Accommodation at 27 November, 2014

With its sunny and beautiful golden sandy shores, the Gold Coast never fails to fascinate its visitors, who seeking a fun and exciting beach holiday escape. A popular destination for suffers, beach bums, and sun-seekers, this coastal city also has so many...

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Enjoy the Movies in the Park

Posted in Local Attractions at 02 November, 2014

Watching our favourite films is even more exciting doing it outdoors especially on a fantastic summer night. This is why the Gold Coast is once again going to be home to the most exciting film showing events with its Movies in the Park. With its opening i...

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Family fun on the Gold Coast

Special Home Page Image
Posted in Accommodation at 25 October, 2014

We all love beach holidays and one of the most exciting reasons why we anticipate for our annual holiday break is to hit the sparkling sand and surf with our family. While many dream of holidaying in a luxurious and exclusive beach resort, you can still g...

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Experience the Showboat's Sunday Lunch Cruise

Posted in Local Attractions at 06 October, 2014

Great food, amazing views, and all that jazz these are just some of the exciting things to look forward to every Sunday on the Showboat's Sunday Lunch Jazz Cruise. A feast of the senses, the Showboat Sunday Lunch Cruise provides you delightful food, excel...

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Enjoy your holiday home at President's 3 Bedroom Penthouse Apartment

President Apartments 023
Posted in Accommodation at 23 September, 2014

The Gold Coast is one of the most favoured summer destinations on earth not only because of its famous sunny beaches but it simply has a fantastic blend of modern and lively city vibes and laidback beachside community atmosphere. Not only does summer happ...

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The best sweet slices on the Gold Coast

Bumbles Cafe
Posted in Local Attractions at 07 September, 2014

With its booming dining culture, the Gold Coast has become home to an exciting array of restaurants and dining places from the most innovative caf to the traditional casual restaurants and diners which can all be found across the city. Because of this, it...

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Enjoy a refreshing morning on the poolside of Presidents Apartments

President Apartments 016
Posted in Accommodation at 22 August, 2014

For those who live a typical city life where your day starts with loud honking of cars on the streets of your neighbourhood or with an alarm clock that reminds you to hurry for an early meeting, a client presentation, and piles of paperwork to do, then it...

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Join the Festival of Small Halls on the Gold Coast

Festival Of Small Halls Australia
Posted in Local Events at 03 August, 2014

Bringing out the remarkable community spirit and love for music in Nerang, the Festival of Small Halls serves as another wonderful way to celebrate excellent music and the beautiful community of this town on the Gold Coast. With the most brilliant folk an...

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An epic beachfront escape in Surfers Paradise

Special Home Page Image
Posted in Accommodation at 30 July, 2014

Gold Coast's splendid beaches cater to all kinds of tourists, and even families seeking more affordable holiday alternatives and even budget travellers have so many excellent options for them to enjoy a luxurious yet inexpensive holiday experience in this...

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Get the most creative and most awesome finds at the Craft Extravaganza Christmas Fair

Craft Extravaganza
Posted in Local Events at 09 July, 2014

The Yuletide season is nearing once again and what best way to usher in this special time of the year but to find some nice and extraordinary presents to our loved ones. If you're still thinking of the awesome and unique gift ideas to your friends, collea...

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