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Infinity and Beyond, Gold Coast Edition!

Posted in Local Attractions @ Oct 9th 2017 10:20pm - By Administrator
Trip to Infinity

“To infinity and beyond” is perhaps our beloved Pixar character Buzz Lightyear’s famous line in Toy Story, and he would often recite it like it was his life’s truest purpose. Just because he’s a space ranger, doesn’t mean this phrase can’t ring true in our world. In fact, here on the iconic Gold Coast, you might even literally experience such a place like “Infinity”. Well, here’s your chance to have a “To infinity and beyond” experience with the people who mean the world to you. Level up your adventure by exploring the supernatural. Say yes to these exhilarating Gold Coast attractions.

Infinity Gold Coast. If the surreal or supernatural appeals to your sensibilities, then Infinity Gold Coast is the perfect attraction for you. Infinity is a unique and journey into spectacular, futuristic maze-like worlds that are wonder-filled with unique special effects, emotive atmospheric sound fields, sensuous aromas, ultra-groovy music and amazing spectacular illusions that reach for the Infinity. Learn more at http://infinitygc.com.au.

Get Your Warner Bros. Movie World Fix with the famous Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster. The Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster is an enclosed steel wild mouse roller coaster that is based on the 2002 live action film, Scooby-Doo, which was filmed at the studio adjacent to the park at the same time the ride was being constructed. Cool trivia, eh? If you are looking for  Green Lantern Coaster, then you’re in for a treat, too. This coaster is essentially a shining light of solid green energy that shines brightly upon Movie World. Learn more about the multiverses featured as rides or attractions in Movie World via http://movieworld.com.au.

Escape Dracula’s Haunted House like your life depends on it. Escape this thriller of a maze. Delve deep into Dracula’s mind-boggling passages, optical illusions, and visual effects. Try not to scream your head off when you encounter heaps of zombies, animated monsters, and creepy crawling creatures. Learn more via https://www.draculashauntedhouse.com.au.

Complement your weekend adventure with a peaceful retreat to President Apartments. Reserve your preferred beachfront apartments Surfers Paradise by checking out our online booking link via http://president.etourism.net.au today.


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