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Local Attractions

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Infinity and Beyond, Gold Coast Edition!

Trip to Infinity
Posted in Local Attractions at 09 October, 2017

Achieving a healthy life can be attributed to one's ability to detach oneself from everyday routine and find ways to recharge through a variety of activities outside the confines of one's home and professional life. To summarise the previous sentence, it'...

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Brave the Skies with Gold Coast SkyDive!

Gold Coast Skydive V2
Posted in Local Attractions at 28 June, 2017

There is always a first time for everything, so they say. Welcome a new day with adventures that will last a lifetime. If you are feeling mighty adventurous on your next visit to the Gold Coast, why not consider something a little bit extreme, like tandem...

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Explore Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness

Posted in Local Attractions at 28 February, 2016

So, the kids love Kung Fu Panda? There's a land where awesomeness is the philosophy. To find this land, simply head over to The DreamWorks Experience in Dreamworld and enter the Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness. The newest attraction of the largest them...

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Do It the Aquaduck Tours Way

Posted in Local Attractions at 25 November, 2015

Once you've already selected the Gold Coast amongst all the possible tourist destinations you can go to on your upcoming holiday, then you already got yourself in a great treat. Just a few research and it's already time for you to anticipate every great a...

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Know when Surfers Paradise Market Night is On

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets 1
Posted in Local Attractions at 09 September, 2015

Some of the best things in life are not permanent. Some you'll find today, but not tomorrow. Take the Surfers Paradise Market Night for instance. Witness how Surfers Paradise Beachfront becomes a shopping centre by the beach once the clock hits 4 in the a...

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More than Just Surfing in Surfers Paradise

King Tutts Putt Putt
Posted in Local Attractions at 09 August, 2015

Surfers Paradise Just hearing this suburb's name for the first time and you'll already have an idea that it is a haven for surfing lovers. True enough, it has some of the most stunning and wide beaches perfect for surfing and even swimming. But Surfers Pa...

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To Infinity in Surfers Paradise

Posted in Local Attractions at 29 July, 2015

Infinity is a nowhere land, it doesn't have an end, it is unimaginable and immeasurable. But there is a kind of Infinity that's within your grasp. And it's in Surfers Paradise. As a funhouse of the future, Infinity attraction boasts of being the first of...

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Have an Enjoyable Gold Coast Holiday

Harbour Town Gold Coast
Posted in Local Attractions at 12 June, 2015

If you're looking for fun and excitement on your holiday, head on to the Gold Coast for a truly unforgettable holiday experience. So if you're up for some exciting water activities, indulgent food trips and shopping sprees, and throbbing party nights, hea...

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Enjoy the Movies in the Park

Posted in Local Attractions at 02 November, 2014

Watching our favourite films is even more exciting doing it outdoors especially on a fantastic summer night. This is why the Gold Coast is once again going to be home to the most exciting film showing events with its Movies in the Park. With its opening i...

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Experience the Showboat's Sunday Lunch Cruise

Posted in Local Attractions at 06 October, 2014

Great food, amazing views, and all that jazz these are just some of the exciting things to look forward to every Sunday on the Showboat's Sunday Lunch Jazz Cruise. A feast of the senses, the Showboat Sunday Lunch Cruise provides you delightful food, excel...

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10 50 Total of 39 Results