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Plan the Perfect Mother's Day Treat at President Holiday Apartments

President Apartments 048 Fotor
Posted in Accommodation at 20 March, 2018

Mother's Day is not far off and the time to plan something special is now. This May choose our Gold Coast family holiday accommodation in Surfers Paradise, where you can relax in one of the Gold Coast's top destinations for an unbeatable price. President...

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Gold Coast, Beach-Inspired Activities to Check Off Your List!

President Apartments 024
Posted in Accommodation at 24 December, 2017

Whether you are traveling to a foreign country with your besties for the first time, flying solo to find yourself or get lost in an unfamiliar territory, or anticipating a major event on the Gold Coast, the list of things you can do can go on and on, and...

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Highly Recommended Gold Coast Destinations for the Fam!

Posted in Accommodation at 11 December, 2017

Reward yourselves by exploring the some of the iconic Gold Coast's highly recommended tourist destinations that have made loyal guests out of locals and travelers from all parts of the world. President Apartments is listing down three of the several touri...

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Live the Lifestyle You Choose at President Apartments

President Apartments 048
Posted in Accommodation at 21 November, 2017

Live the lifestyle you choose at President Apartments. Dedicate a weekend's worth of fun-filled activities with the family and complement it with a relaxing stay at a premier resort like President Apartments. President Apartments houses the broadest range...

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Travel Tips Before Booking Your Next International Flight!

President Apartments 058 Fotor
Posted in Accommodation at 25 October, 2017

A well-planned travel can save you from unnecessary stress. Come well prepared when you intend to fly to another country for a few weeks or months, and you'll definitely thank yourself for a job well done later. Speaking of holiday preparations, we at Pre...

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Make a Weekend Out of Your Staycation with these Amenities!

Mg 9037
Posted in Accommodation at 19 September, 2017

President Apartments takes hospitality, comfort, and luxury a notch higher with its world-class establishment and amenities. Besides its close proximity to the best tourist locations found within Surfers Paradise, this holiday resort proudly features the...

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Take that Much Needed Break at President Apartments!

President Apartments 048 Fotor
Posted in Accommodation at 06 September, 2017

Achieving a healthy life can be attributed to one's ability to detach oneself from everyday routine and find ways to recharge through a variety of activities outside the confines of one's home and professional life. To summarise the previous sentence, it'...

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Your Holiday Address on the Gold Coast!

President Apartments 040 Fotor
Posted in Accommodation at 22 July, 2017

President Apartments is everything your holiday address should be, and if you're planning on swinging by the iconic Gold Coast anytime soon, then save yourself from going through other available resorts or vacation spots. Instead, choose from our luxuriou...

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Live the Life You Desire When You Choose President Apartments

President Apartments 034 Fotor
Posted in Accommodation at 05 June, 2017

Living the life you desire can be one a click away. Get your Surfers Paradise fix soon and say 'Hello, Sunshine' like you mean it. Escape to Gold Coast soon and check in at President Apartments, for an easy choice of holiday address that features truly se...

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13 Reasons Why President Apartments Should Be Your Ultimate Holiday Home!

President Apartments 050 Fotor
Posted in Accommodation at 14 May, 2017

When it comes to considering your holiday home options, President Apartments stands out so very easily. President Apartments is everything your new holiday address should be. We break down 13 reasons why President Apartments should be your ultimate home....

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10 50 Total of 40 Results